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CREW CHART was founded in 2002 with the clear purpose of being a full service ship manager with a focus on crewing, technical management and newbuilding supervision. Their clients are long-standing players in the tanker shipping segment. With their experience and market presence, they play a vital role in their business today and in the future.

DONSÖTANK REDERI AB is a family company registered in 1953, and since then the business has grown and more vessels has been acquired. The company owns and operates six tankers and has around 150 employees at sea, and 13 at the office. Donsötank has a long tradition of shipping from the beginning of the 19th century, when the bunker operations started in Gothenburg. The experience trough generations have made us an innovative and reliable partner in shipping.

FLEET MANAGEMENT LIMITED is one of the world’s largest independent third-party ship management firms with a 24-year history, over 20,000 qualified seafarers and over 450 vessels under management. Fleet Management manages a range of vessels including bulk carriers, container vessels, general cargo carriers, oil tankers, gas carriers, and chemical tankers, ranging from 300 to 319,000 DWT – with many being young and energy-efficient with an age profile below the industry average.

INTERUNITY MANAGEMENT CORPORATION since establishment in 1982, has been operating and managing vessels to the highest standards. As a result, they have developed an excellent reputation for safe, quality vessel management. Alongside proprietary vessels, Interunity provides full Commercial and Technical Operation of LPG, Chemical, Product, Oil tankers, Dry Bulk Carriers and Container vessels to other Owners.

MM MARINE is one of the world’s largest and most modern fleets of bunkering tankers, cargo transportation, and integrated ship management services.

NORTHERN OFFSHORE SERVICES is one of the leading companies in the competitive offshore wind industry. The company’s niche is specialist shipping, with particular emphasis on crew transfer vessels, which is why the wind power industry is so important to us. Northern Offshore Services was one of the first companies to establish itself in this specific segment and currently offers a wide range of specially adapted vessels optimised for high performance and efficiency. Our fleet currently consists of just over 40 vessels.

SIRIUS SHIPPING was founded by the Backman family, on time-honored Donsö, in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. The island has a long history of maritime commerce and shipping where Sirius plays a leading role.
SOCATRA was created In 1977, with the vision of providing oil producers with high quality and safe oil tanker service. This vision remains the cornerstone upon which the group has been built and which has won the allegiance of many of the oil majors and renowned clients.
THOMAS SCHULTE SHIP MANAGEMENT, as a technical manager guarantees the optimum in ship’s performance and asset value conservation by exercising state of the art technology, paramount expertise and dedicated solutions under the strict control of the competitive operational expenses.
TARBIT has been transporting bitumen, petroleum-products and chemicals since 1947, and is owned by the Hermansson and Svanström families. The shipping company is characterised by high safety and environmental awareness, keeping focus on quality, sustainability and reliable effectiveness.
UNITEAM MARINE is an international ship management organisation that provides industry-leading services to ship owners and ship managers across a wide range of countries and jurisdictions. Founded in 1986, Uniteam Marine is headquartered in Cyprus with offices in key locations around the world.
VERITAS TANKERS REDERI AB is a family-owned, operated and controlled company. It started in 1983 at Donsö Island with its origin in the bunkering trade. The shipping company currently (2019) owns four tankers Astoria,  Astina,  Astral and Astrea. Operates in the spot market between ports around the Baltic Sea and northern Europe. Astoria has been on the time charter for Finnish Neste since 2000. All vessels sail under the Swedish flag.

VINGA SHIP is a young company with a long tradition. Vinga Ship resides in Donsö, the community in the world with most shipping companies per capita. They originate from Vingatank Rederi and Swedia Rederi AB and tankers are their absolute strength. They have grown up with them and our history runs fifty years back.

ZEABORN SHIP MANAGEMENT is a young, globally operating Ship Manager with about 135 vessels in service. The company combines the long-standing traditions of former E.R. Schiffahrt and Rickmers Shipmanagement with a modern spirit. Zeaborn Ship Management stands for uncompromising customer focus, highest quality standards and tailor-made solutions. The company has a broad international network with access to leading liner companies and first-rate international ship owners.